Welcome to the Make It GF Store!

Before clicking on the link below that will take you to our online store, here are a few things to note:
  • Make It GF now ships anywhere in the US.
  • Make It GF only ships refrigerated orders on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays to limit the possibility of a shipment being stuck in a warehouse over the weekend. If you place an order containing refrigerated products on Thursday, Friday or over the weekend, the package will ship on Monday, despite what the shipping app in the store will tell you. If for some reason your package cannot be shipped on Monday, we will contact you directly.
  • Unrefrigerated orders are shipped Monday though Friday. NOTE: Any refrigerated item added to an order makes the entire order refrigerated.
  • Refrigerated packages are packed in insulated box liners with frozen gel packs.
  • Contents will arrive refrigerated, but not necessarily frozen. Items can be frozen if desired upon unboxing, including our pizza dough.
  • We cannot yet ship puff pastry or raviolis because both of those products must be kept frozen. We are working to overcome this limitation. Watch this space for future updates.

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