The perfect Gluten Free Empanada

Image of a gluten free empanada
Many of our customers want to make gluten free empanadas or samosas, and they have used our dumpling wrappers to do so. This works and the result is tasty, but traditional empanada dough is closer to pie crust dough than a pasta.

Thus we tested our gluten and dairy free pie crust to see if it could be successfully deep fried. As the image shows, it can be, and we can report it's delicious!

The pie crust rounds are 4.5 inches in diameter, but they can be rolled out thinner to give you more real estate with which to work. In fact, we preferred the empanadas where we rolled out the circles at bit thinner. A very little bit of gluten free flour is all you need to keep them from sticking to your work surface.

All you need to seal the empanada is a small amount of water on the dough edge before you fold.

These versatile circles can be used to make samosas, hand pies, or small tarts. if you coat them with sugar and roll them then bake them, they can be a sweet treat too. Your imagination is the only limit.

Each package will contain 9 circles of dough.

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